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March 2017

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March  2017

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 August 2017

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Please join me for the Your Awesome Power Within Global Empowerment

Tour #YAPW


 YAPW Global Empowerment Tour 

New Jersey,  Houston, Florida, Maryland and the Caribbean.

This year we are returning to Florida, Maryland and expanding to Jamaica, Bermuda and London.


If you wish to get more information about how you can join us in your city please

touch base via our connecting link.

Who should attend?


  • You are tired of playing small and you want more clarity on your vision
  • You’ve experienced the sweet spot when it came to having some success and you now want more.
  • You know that you are called to do more and you want to know how you can answer your calling while you have other responsibilities.
  • You have an amazing idea but you just don’t know how to put things into place.
  • You want to make an impact on the world and you want to know how to build a network of committed supporters.

If this resonates with you please register today!





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